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Your job is to run a business that sells socks or kids clothing; maybe you run a not-for-profit agency. Perhaps you write about a subject and promoting other companies using affiliate coupons. What you don’t know is SEO. How does a business in Dover or Smyrna find a Delaware SEO company?

Finding People

SEO is all about locating people and services. A professional Search Engine Optimization specialist helps clients and readers find your website. Consumers don’t know you’re there; only that someone must sell the product they are looking for. When they type their needs into a search engine, how are you going to make yourself visible?

SEO Expertise

This professional knows the technical ways Google locates and ranks items among the many trillions of items on the internet so that a consumer is only presented with material that relates to his or her search. In order to be found in this hay stack, one must be bigger than the other needles so as to stand out more. The internet will find other businesses and organizations too, but the ones that arrive on page one of a search are the most pertinent to the searcher in most cases and the ones she is most likely to trust. If they’re on page one, surely these are reliable “finds.”

Finding You

How does a search engine find your company? A coffee house in Smyrna is discovered when local-seosomeone writes “Smyrna coffee shop” into a search box. His results could relate to several cities named Smyrna, like the one in Georgia or Russia’s city of the same name. If he wanted Smyrna, Delaware, then the searcher would realize his mistake and add “Delaware” to search terms.

A Delaware SEO expert also insists that somewhere in the wording on your website or Facebook page, those exact words were featured in some order: Smyrna Coffee Shop, Delaware; Delaware Coffee Shop, Smyrna; or Coffee Shop, Smyrna, Delaware. There are other variations: Delaware would become “DE” or there would be no comma between city and state. Some people would write “in Delaware” but most leave out the preposition; they’re in a hurry. Some individuals write “café” instead of “coffee shop.” They might even ask for “best coffee.”

Analyzing Statistics

How do you know what to write on Twitter or how to phrase items on a blog about this business? A Search Engine Optimization Specialist looks up the data provided to experts via Google Analytics. These statistics show the exact wording used by people most often to find businesses like yours. Keywords and key phrases are ranked in order of popularity. Now that you know how people phrase their searches, where are these words going to go?

Written Content

The expert shows you a couple of things. One is where to write or post content and also how to make it work. Writing can include a few words under a picture on Instagram. It might be an article on a blog about your business or one written to promote the café obliquely like a “top 10 places to visits in Smyrna” sort of site.

What Else Will an SEO Agent Do?

Imagine your reputation is not so good on the internet, but you don’t know what to do about that. Some visitors to the shop weren’t happy in spite of every effort employees made to satisfy them. A few nasty reviews went out on Yelp, or there were unpleasant comments made on Facebook. Suddenly, a bit of reputation management is in order. Bad words cannot be unsaid. Negative reviews will stay on the internet for some time. A business has to outweigh negative comments by encouraging happy customers to say good things on the internet. An SEO consultant might recommend a give-away. Everyone who posts a positive comment on Facebook or Twitter is entered into a draw for a month of free coffee. Suddenly, there are fifty nice words against a few bad ones plus there are far more references to this business; more ways for Google to find this business. A potentially damaging experience is used to the client’s benefit. SEO experts can set this all up for the client who isn’t confident with social media.

Hire an Expert

You can’t be expected to know all of this; your business is coffee (or socks, or kids’ toys, or whatever). Let a professional improve your internet rating and commercial success.

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